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Creamy Garden Pesto

Pesto is my absolute favorite sauce. I make it for everything - from eggs, to pasta, chicken, vegetables, and salad dressings!


- 1 bunch (2 cups) fresh basil

- A bit of any other fresh garden herbs you may have (dill, pineapple sage, parsley)

- 3 large cloves fresh garlic

- 1/4 cup pine nuts

- 1/2 cup Laura Chenel goat yogurt (or whole Greek yogurt)

- 3/4 cup high quality finishing olive oil such as Kosterina

- Sea salt

- Freshly ground pepper

- 1/2 lemon, juice

Blend the above in a food processor until smooth and creamy! Taste and add salt, pepper and more lemon if needed. Let sit at least 10 minutes before pouring over pasta! Mix with Banza pasta for a healthy, absolutely delicious gluten-free and protein rich meal!

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